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WOW THIS SUX!!!!! I was looking into this company for a vasectomy reversal that I'm trying to get done and I decided to look into it before applying.. Thank God I did!! I see everyone here has been complaining about their scam business which is very misleading on the site BUT****** They actually have it printed rather well right above their submit button on their "application".. VERY SHADY COMPANY But they cover their own A** on this one!.. This bottom passage was cut and pasted from their site right above the application confirmation button.. Like I said they are VERY SHADY AND VERY MISLEADING!


By submitting my application, I authorize "Med Loan Finance", a loan processing company and / or their affiliated lending partners to run a credit report and verify the information I have provided. I understand "Med Loan Finance" will be acting as a Fee Based credit-processing agent on my behalf and therefore does not approve, deny, set the rate and terms, guarantee loan approvals or discriminate against anyone for any reason. As a part of this search, I fully understand my credit request may be presented to multiple credit issuing companies and/or search companies including (but not limited to) Banks, Finance Companies, Credit Card Issuers, and partnership programs with other such affiliated companies. I understand that I will be charged loan processing fees for these services. Furthermore, while calculated monthly, I understand that the total amount of the fees will be added to my base loan amount requested and become a part of my principal balance in most cases. I agree to "hold harmless" "Med Loan Finance" from any and all legal actions that might be taken as a result of a disputed matter with my Service Provider or Vendor

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Nov 23, 2014.
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Med Loan Finance is a Loan Processing Company since 2002 and everything is fully disclosed on the website, application and Loan Search Form.

Did you even apply with us?

It seems from your 'complaint' that you never did fill out the application nor apply with our company.

So how would that make our company "Shady" and "Misleading"?

Everything is FULLY disclosed to you before you submit the application.

If you do not like the credit policies, you do not have to submit your application to our company. You even said it yourself with your 'complaint' "BUT****** They actually have it printed rather well right above their submit button on their "application"

I guess if it is 'Shady' that we disclose our policies upfront then, we are a 'Shady' company.

to Anonymous #976598

the way you guys reply to peoples complaints shows us all that their complaints may hold truth to them. The underlying sarcasm and rudeness replied back to these people who at one point wanted to do business with you guys and put their credit and life out their trusting your company is disappointing.

It seems your company needs to invest in a better writer that actually cares about these complaints and not some cold heart, rude, person replying back to these people representing your company. This is why reviews are good to check on, my decision to apply has been conformed.

I will not be applying. Ill be damned if i trust a loan company that has no respect nor a care in the world about its current or former customers.

to Anonymous #978756

Exactly why I wont apply now thank you for pointing that out

to Anonymous #1016560

We do care about everyone that applies and we do try and help them get the money that they do need to borrow, but when we have a review from someone that has never applied with us nor has never spoken with us nor experienced anything with our company and are making a negative reviews about us and calling us shady, is not okay. We would rather not do business with them. We try and respond to all reviews and complaints, but will not tolerate someone calling us shady that has never worked with our company.

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