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since i didn't tell them i refused there offer in email, since i did verbal and charged me 395.00 for nothing! They told me to read the fine print i had 7 days from approval to refuse their offer by email even though i did verbal and i threatened to file a complaint against them and they didn't care a robin was the one who more less said too bad here is their email below.

Unfortunately, due to our contractual agreement on the Loan Search Form the fee of $395.00 is non-refundable. Med Loan Finance informed you of your approval offer on May 7th, the charge on May 15th was because we did not receive a cancel email to Attached is the Loan Search Form that you electronically signed and agreed to. You will see that it does state you have 7 days to cancel the offer if you did not want to accept it. We did not receive a cancel e-mail from you. The 7 days does start when you receive the approval notice. You were left a message about you approval on May 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm CST. You were also sent an approval e-mail at that time.

Thank you,


Accounting Department

Med Loan Finance

800-504-4053 main

800-555-8122 fax

Monetary Loss: $395.

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Well I guess I would of read what I signed more carefully.


What a laugh with what Med Loan writes. They are always defending how bogus their company is when in fact they are scammers.

When they called me with an approval for less than half of what I applied for(and a credit card no less), I told the woman on the phone I was declining their offer. I guess I missed the part where I had to email and she surely did not inform me that my verbal decline was not enough and I should send an email. Med Loan Finance got $355.55 off my credit card for absolutely nothing. When was the last time someone with a high credit score ever had to pay for a credit card -- especially that much for absolutely nothing?

I never used their offer and was self pay. Start adding up all the people they do this to and I am willing to bet they stack up a lot of money.


You were not charged for nothing. We provided a service to obtain you credit, as you agreed to on our application and Loan Search Form and you were charged accordingly.

You had agreed on the Loan Search Form that if you did not want to accept the offer, you had to notify us within the given time frame by email. This was not in fine print, but full size print on the option you selected and placed a check mark by it.

You also had to check on box that you agree to the terms and conditions, which you did.

to Anonymous #752484

I went through a similar experience with Med Loan Finance. In fact, their 'loan counselor' told me when I called asking for an update on our application that she had sent it out days prior. I had nothing from her. In talking to her on the phone, she told me that we had to verify with them that we would be accepting one of the offers before they charged us. Come to find out that wasn't true. My wife and I have excellent credit, well over 750. Did we get approved for any loans? No, but we were told to contact three different credit card agencies to tell them we were approved!

Since Anonymous from October 29 seems to work for Med Loan Finance, do you care to comment as to why Med Loan Finance doesn't have Better Business Bureau accreditation? Isn't this something that legitimate organizations wish to achieve?

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